Welcoming Cumberland Presbyterians is an independent grassroots ministry dedicated to increasing participation in the church by embracing people of all races, sexualities, gender identities and expressions.

We affirm that people of all sexualities, gender identities and expressions are equally loved by God and are an integral part of God’s design for diversity within the creation.

The children of God come from all races, abilities and disabilities, languages, ethnicities, socioeconomic realities, nationalities, sexualities and gender identities. This diversity enriches our community and invites us to more deeply understand and embrace one another as God’s beloved children.

We believe that unity does not require uniformity, and that the church is called to be hospitable enough to welcome everyone. We recognize there are many groups of people that have been excluded from full participation in the church, and we are committed to working for a church that, even in times of disagreement, graciously makes room for everyone God calls.


The 191st General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church has among its tasks to discuss memorials from Grace and Arkansas Presbyteries that seek to limit or usurp the rightful authority of sessions and presbyteries to ordain who they see fit. We have prepared a resource page for commissioners and youth advisory delegates where we share the stories of a few LGBTQ+ Cumberland Presbyterians, as well as scriptural and theological resources that we hope will be helpful to you as you discern together what is the wisest course of action for the Church.

The church recognizes and ministers to people living in a variety of family patterns…It seeks to embrace each person and all groups of persons within the family life of the covenant community.

Cumberland Presbyterian Confession of Faith

The covenant community, governed by the Lord Christ, opposes, resists, and seeks to change all circumstances of oppression by which persons are denied the essential dignity God intends for them in the work of creation.

Cumberland Presbyterian Confession of Faith

The church is an advocate for all victims of violence and all those whom the law or society treats as less than persons for whom Christ died. Such advocacy involves not only opposition to all unjust laws and forms of injustice.

Cumberland Presbyterian Confession of Faith

God is still leading us to a better understanding of what it is to be a disciple and fully human; and that includes new insights into our human sexuality.

Rev. Andrew Ward

The Welcoming Blog

A space for Cumberland Presbyterians to share insights about the inclusive ministry of Jesus Christ, where all are welcomed to God’s table, no matter age, color, race, nationality, socio-economic condition, mental or physical ability, sexual identity or gender expression.


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“To truly connect with other human beings, we must dare to present ourselves in ways that depict the true variety and complexity of our human experience. Without honesty there is no real bond between us, and without connection, nothing else really matters.” ~ Josh Korda


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