Welcome to our new series of videos, where Cumberland Presbyterian clergy and laity share their personal journeys of reconciling faith and the Bible with acceptance and support for our LGBTQ siblings. Inspired by the 1984 Confession of Faith, which encourages us to embrace one another (6.16) with the grace of Christ (5.10), share insights, and grow together (1.07), this series aims to foster a spirit of dialogue and understanding.

Watch these stories and learn about why these Cumberland Presbyterians have become friends and allies to members of the LGBTQ+ community:
Rev. Billy Price, Rev. Dwight Liles,
Rev. Chris Warren, Rev. Byron Forester,
Rev. Tommy Clark, Pat Pottorff White,
Cheryl S, Jeff F, Jordan H

In addition, we have extended invitations to several Cumberland Presbyterians who identify as LGBTQ+ to share their personal stories, allowing the church to gain a deeper understanding of the individuals who will be greatly impacted by rulings of General Assembly and church judicatories. Furthermore, we have curated a collection of written stories offering further insight into the experiences and perspectives of members of our church family, available at www.welcomingcps.org/our-stories. We encourage everyone to explore these stories as we navigate this important conversation.

We are deeply grateful for each person who has shared (and will share) their personal story of why they are a friend and ally of the LGBTQ+ community. We pray that these stories serve as a source of comfort and hope, especially for those who have faced harmed or felt abandoned by the church. We pray too that God will touch the hearts of all those who view them. Our hope is that through witnessing the love and compassion we aim to convey, these videos will have a transformative impact on the minds and hearts of all who engage with them.

If you would like to share your own personal story of how you came to change your views on sexuality in the Bible and the insights you gained along the way, or if you have a story about how you came to accept and affirm LGBTQ+ people, we invite you to message us.

You will find more stories and resources on reconciling faith and the Bible with LGBTQ+ inclusion at www.welcomingcps.org.

Video editing is generously provided by Seed Creative Care!
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