A Resolution Presented to the 190th General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Whereas, The 190th General Assembly will consider approval of a proposed “Statement on Human Sexuality” submitted by the Unified Committee on Theology and Social Concerns; and

Whereas, The 187th General Assembly adopted a study paper titled “A Question of Hermeneutics” which is quoted in the proposed “Statement on Human Sexuality” before this Assembly, saying: “ . . . we should resolve – first and foremost – to love one another, and as an expression of that love to listen to each other, affirming the even greater common ground we enjoy and embrace as Cumberland Presbyterians;” 

Whereas, the 143rd General Assembly of the CPCA amended the UCTSC report to include  LGBTQ+ theologians’ voices in the crafting of the Statement on Human Sexuality; therefore, be it

Resolved, that the 190th General Assembly encourage the select committee considering the proposed “Statement on Human Sexuality” and all commissioners to listen to the voices of LGBTQ+ Cumberland Presbyterians and their allies, as an expression of love for one another, by considering as a part of its deliberation on this matter the following resources:

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Joy Warren, commissioner from Murfreesboro Presbytery


LGBTQ+ video testimonials

LGBTQIA+ members and former members of the CPC were invited to share their stories in order to help commissioners know a few of those whom their decision will affect most directly.

WCP Stories: Christi – YouTube WCP Stories: Michael – YouTube
WCP Stories: Mandy and Jamie – YouTube WCP Stories: Allison & Elicia – YouTube
WCP Stories: Obed – YouTube WCP Stories: Michael L


“Our Stories Project”
LGBTQ+ written stories

Our stories are an expression of our commitment to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and a commitment to truth. They are a step towards deeper connection as we seek to break down any walls that may exist between us.




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