Have you ever been confident in your views but then found the need to reconsider them as you gained more information and experience? Rev. Dwight Liles once penned a letter to the Cumberland Presbyterian magazine expressing his belief, based on his interpretation of certain biblical passages, that homosexuality is a sin. However, something occurred that led to a complete transformation in his perspective. He now declares, “I affirm that my LGBT brothers and sisters in Christ should be treated fully as brothers and sisters in Christ, and should be treated as absolutely nothing less than brothers and sisters in Christ.” Curious about this shift? Learn more by watching the video!

Rev. Dwight Liles is an ordained minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church as well as a Dove Award-winning professional songwriter who has had many of his Christian songs recorded, published, and sung in churches around the world. You might be familiar with his widely acclaimed song “We are an Offering.”

We invite you to dive deeper into this important conversation. At www.welcomingcps.org, you’ll find more stories and resources on reconciling faith and the Bible with LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Thanks to Rev. Chris Warren and Seed Creative Care for helping to make this video possible!|

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