As described in the Confession of Faith for Cumberland Presbyterians, the church, both as a collective and through its individual members, has a calling to promote reconciliation, love, and justice among all individuals, classes, races, and nations (6.32). These values are at the core of our beliefs as a church, and so we should strive to live them out in our daily lives.

That’s why we’re excited to share “Song of Change” by Dove Award-winning Gospel/CCM songwriter and Cumberland Presbyterian Minister Rev. Dwight Liles. This powerful new protest anthem echoes the values of promoting justice that we hold dear and inspires us to come together to create a more peaceful and just world.

Please listen and share this song widely! Rev. Liles emphasizes: “I have sole ownership of this song and wish for it to be used freely for the cause of justice, peace, and equity for all people.”

As we raise our voices and join hands, we can help spread this message and work towards a better future for all.


It is time to lift our voices
It is time to make it clear
That we won’t stop demanding justice
And we refuse to live in fear

With songs of change, songs of freedom
Songs of hope and songs of love
Keep on singing, keep on marching
Join your hands and rise above

They will try to keep us quiet
They will try to block our way
But we will speak the truth to power
And we will walk into the day


We will not resort to violence
In our quest for what we seek
But we will not remain in silence
We will stand and we will speak


Words and music copyright 2023 by Dwight Liles.
Guitar chords for the song are available on the Soundcloud page.

Listen to the full production version now at
Please feel free to share the song on your own timelines or pages. Let’s spread the message of change together.

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